Sustained financial viability

These services refer to the development of effective social enterprises, designed to assist organisations optimise social change and enjoy sustained financial viability. This is achieved through the identification of social enterprise opportunities, and the establishment of these through:

  1. Inception of the social enterprise concept
  2. Incubation of the social enterprise start up
  3. Acceleration of the social enterprise development and strategy for scalability

The table below shows the three phases, inception, incubation and acceleration, and outlines the typical activities that take place in each of these phases, assisted by The Impact Effect.

  • 1. Inception

    ACTIVITIES (the ‘What’)
    -Define problem
    -Identify solution
    -Business Model Development
    -High level business plan development
    -Establish project plan for incubation
    -Seed funding

    SERVICES (the ‘How)
    -Process facilitation
    -Coaching and mentoring

  • 2. Incubation

    ACTIVITIES (the ‘What’)
    -Implement incubation project plan (set up, roll out)
    -Further develop business plan
    -Business training
    -Social Enterprise Start up
    -Social Enterprise Evaluation
    -Social Enterprise refinement

    SERVICES (the ‘How)
    -Coaching and mentoring
    -Development of a network

  • 3. Acceleration

    ACTIVITIES (the ‘What’)
    -Developing strategy, developing a blueprint for scale
    -Product and service refinement
    -Management team, developing the right team of professionals
    -Governance, building a board that brings expertise, networks, and funding
    -Fund development strategies
    -Communications plan, creating a simple, compelling story targeted for stakeholders
    -Financial management, developing fiscal systems
    -Organisational design, integrating functional excellence with programmatic quality
    -Legalities, managing risks effectively and protecting the brand

    SERVICES (the ‘How’)
    -Process facilitation for activities
    -Coaching and mentoring