Strong social sector programmes and organisations

The development of strong performing social sector programmes and organisations, through the application of cross-sector capacity development methodologies, is achieved through process facilitation in:

  1. Direction and Planning
  2. Systems and Processes
  3. Talent Development 
  • Direction & Planning

    * Strategic Planning - Design and facilitation of strategic planning

    * Business Planning - Design and facilitation of business planning

    * Strategy Development - Facilitation and development of strategy

    * Project and Programmes Design and Set-up - Design, set up and launch of projects and programmes, using Project Based Management techniques

    * Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) - Establishment of M&E processes

    * Restructuring - Organisational design, implementation and change management for organisational, departmental and team restructures

    * Culture Development - Identification of current and espoused culture, and design of development interventions to achieve desired culture.

  • Systems & Processes

    * Process Facilitation - Design and facilitation of participatory processes to achieve results in group settings

    * Reviews - Design and implementation of organisational, team, and function reviews

    * Optimal System & Process Design and Development - Identification of problem hot-spots, and design and development of optimal systems and processes to ensure optimal performance

    * Competency Frameworks - Development of organisational competency frameworks to ensure identification and articulation of the core competencies the organisation needs to focus on to ensure success

    * Succession Planning - Development of organisational and team succession planning to ensure high potential talent is identified and nurtured, retaining good people and mitigating the risk of loss of talent and organisational expertise

    * Performance Management - Design, development and implementation of organisational performance management systems to track and enhance performance, develop talent, and ensure effective succession planning.

  • Talent Development

    * Coaching - Coaching for success

    * Mentoring - Mentoring for talent

    * Women’s Leadership and Gender Focus - Design and implementation of participatory, experiential leadership development programmes, gender mainstreaming and gender integration inteventions

    * Entrepreneurship - Design, development and implementation of targeted entrepreneurship programmes

    * Leadership Development - Design, development and implementation of participatory, experiential leadership programmes

    * Management Development - Design, development and implementation of participatory, experiential management development programmes

    * Team Development - Design, development and implementation of participatory, experiential team development programmes.


Strong social sector CSR activities

Many private sector businesses and their foundations are looking to establish and strengthen their contributions to the social sector, through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The Impact Effect leverages its understanding of the private sector, the social sector and cross sector practices, and assists businesses and foundations with the establishment of strong performing social sector programmes.

The Impact Effect works in partnership with the business or foundation to:

  • Develop a CSR strategy, aligned with the business
  • Design an effective social venture programme
  • Implement the programme
  • Monitor the programme
  • Optmise and measure programme impact - (beneficiaries, customers, employees, shareholders).