Strategic Pillars

The services provided by The Impact Effect can be categorised under the three strategic pillars:

  • Strengthen - those services designed to strengthen programmes and organisations
  • Sustain - those services specifically designed to enable sustained financial viability
  • Scale - those services designed to assist organisations impact at scale.


The development of strong performing programmes and organisations, through the application of cross-sector capacity development methodologies, is achieved through process facilitation in:

  • 'Direction and Planning'
  • 'Systems and Processes'
  • 'Talent Development' 

This pillar also incorporates the development of corporate social responsibility activities for businesses and foundations.

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These services refer to the development of effective social enterprise strategies, designed to assist organisations optimise social change and enjoy sustained financial viability. This is achieved through the identification of social enterprise opportunities, and the establishment of these through:

  • Inception of the social enterprise concept
  • Incubation of the social enterprise start up
  • Acceleration of the social enterprise development and strategy for scalability

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'Scale' refers to the development of effective strategies to achieve social impact at scale. This is achieved through the implementation of social franchising strategies - social franchises of either the non-profit organisation, or where applicable, a social enterprise. The process involves:

  • Strategy Development
  • Codification
  • Working With and Through Partners
  • Set-up
  • Incubation
  • Acceleration
  • Consolidation

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The Impact Effect is the Social Responsibility Arm of Rakata International, read more here